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EVA Knowledge

ABOUT COMPRESSION MOLDING Compression molding is a process Dingfeng utilizes for the manufacturing of three-dimensional molded foam and foam composite parts. It is an ideal process for making parts that have intricate features, require very defined part geometry, have varying wall thicknesses or need to be held to critical dimensional tolerances. THE COMPRESSION MOLDING PROCESS […]

Custom Nylon Car Detailing Bags

Nylon Car Detailing Tool Bag carry Dual Action or Rotary polisher, pads, and polishes, microfiber cloth, waxes from the garage to the car club or concours event in this detailing tool bag. The detailing tool bag is built with detailers in mind; it has a place for everything! Store your DA polisher, buffing pads, swirl […]

The Best Tool Bags to Keep your Tools Safe, Secure, and Organized

These tool bags (Tool Backpacks, Tool Belts & Pouches, Tool Organizers, Tool Tote Bags, Rolling Tool Bag, Roll Ups Tool Bag, Working Safety Pack)allow you to have your commonly used tools close at hand, and make it easy to transport them from room to room, or to a separate job site. Tool boxes certainly have […]

Everything You Need to Know As a Manufacturer about EVA Foam Cases

Ever since its inception, ethylene-vinyl acetate foam (referred to as EVA foam from here on out) has been one of the most widely used manufacturing materials in the world. Brands and businesses across countless industries have taken advantage of this ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer. The reason why EVA foam is the preferred manufacturing material […]

How to select a custom EVA case maker for your sensitive products

If you are a manufacturer of sensitive equipment that need protective cases to get carried around, custom EVA cases are perfect for you. EVA hard cases are rigid and durable, which makes them ideal for housing sensitive products. They are a lightweight alternative for hard cases without compromising the protective capabilities. EVA foam cases usually […]

The Basics of Designing Custom EVA Foam Cases for Businesses

Businesses that design, manufacture, and produce sensitive equipment have always had a need for strong, durable, and reliable cases for their products. Traditionally speaking, businesses have mostly utilized standard hard/soft cases made from a variety of plastics. However, ever since the breakthrough development of ethylene-vinyl acetate (otherwise referred to as EVA foam) in the early […]