Custom Nylon Car Detailing Bags

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Nylon Car Detailing Tool Bag carry Dual Action or Rotary polisher, pads, and polishes, microfiber cloth, waxes from the garage to the car club or concours event in this detailing tool bag. The detailing tool bag is built with detailers in mind; it has a place for everything! Store your DA polisher, buffing pads, swirl removers, waxes, and brushes, etc. Compartmentalized storage space keeps everything organized and easy to find.

Nylon is undoubtedly the most popular choice of material for our carrying bags cases mainly due to its versatility, durability, expandable and self-healing properties. Nylon comes in a wide array of colors and thread sizes, making it useful for both case interiors and exteriors. We recommend nylon for cases or bags that will undergo heavy use due to its extremely durable properties. It is a very tear-resistant material and retains its color over time. We can also source and use branded materials, such as Cordura nylon, if required for your application. Our fully custom nylon bags cases have a wide scope of product applications, and we offer many different denier counts to suit your product’s specific needs. We can also sew, screen print, or rubber stamp your company’s logo onto the case for a unique branded look.

As with all of our fabrics, we buy in bulk to ensure consistency and we apply the same rigorous quality control standards on incoming raw materials as we do on outbound finished products. Our team has over 23 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing custom bags cases. Consequently, we have streamlined our processes over the years to reduce lead times and avoid bottlenecks.