Design inspiration is very rich, natural elements cultural art creation and even human emotion, all can become a designer’s inspiration as a handbag design inspiration is more direct more visual, the easier it is accepted by consumer groups and cognition in order to facilitate communication in the process of design, easy to spread in product promotion, corporate design department often proposed design themes and small topic specific what topics including quarterly, subdivided into several small theme series, each series set several bags design, design is how to echo between color and material, design and detailed design plan design methods and so on.

1. Color Trend

Color trend generally according to the tone or color themes to release, in order to more intuitive to convey color sense, trends in the file must have the corresponding pictures and words to describe in detail the origin of the color, and marked with the international general standard PANTONE color card number these color trend directly affect the development of materials, various material development company combining with the advantage of their technology to choose the color and it’s physical and chemical to use leather or textiles.

Explore new fashion horizons through colors and materials, and unexpected changes in tone and surface are used to express new feelings. Try to merge one field with another to continuously subvert traditional rules and break boundaries, as shown in Figure 2-3-1. The strong and bright color energy of the left upper palette makes the dark atmosphere more interesting.

The upper right and middle right use obscurity and transparency to create a sense of fuzziness in soft and subtle grays; The combination of the lower left and the lower right color panels deems a deep black tone of winter night, with different degrees of black with gradient. The extreme dark color will give people a neutral feeling, and the reflective fabric in fuchsia or orange brings warm texture.

2. Material Trend

Material trend is mainly based on the visual and tactile properties of materials to be classified and promoted, supplemented by simple text description. Plain and fine-textured leather is an essential material for fashion items. Colour block construction and simplified design details use contrasting colors or polished metal accessories to highlight a novel and modern feel. It is often used in women’s day bags.

Metallic leather can show the feminine appearance of the soft, pure metal color and deep powder wax is the core of this quiet trend of color, is applied to the lady sent opponent bag and small bag peach wool suede with our polishing with a soft velvet touch feeling, often used in men’s and women’s leisure bags styles on the snakeskin material using paint printing and coating process highlights the natural grain of snake skin, or the upper cover hides in the design, used to ms day late outfit bag bag bag bag of ruffles and small leather goods.

3. Design Trend

International popular trend of bag type design also has a clear guidance, the design is usually derived from the international first-class brand on the runway show works when multiple lead industry cutting-edge brand launched similar products style, or affected by the relative popular tendency in the field of art and design and new product style, keen fashion observers will extract the product style and to classify it into several design trend.

Casual tote bag integrates the design elements of shopping bag, its horizontal structure becomes wider and shallower, compared to the last season more concise and stylish mini briefcase conform to the mini bag trend, showing a trendy sense of demure and multi-functional elements, small and perfect shape with metal closure like luggage lock.

As clothing accessories, the contents of luggage products released by the international fashion trend are usually consistent with the international fashion trend of clothing and supplemented with collocation. The specific contents include color trend, material trend, style trend, and finally it becomes popular in the true sense through the collective choice of consumers.