Detailing Organizer Bag

Custom Large Auto Tools Detailing Organizer Bag

  • Size
  • 47 x 41 x 25 cm
  • Material
  • Nylon, polyester
  • MOQ
  • 1000PCS

Detailing Organizer Bag Description

Our XL Duffle Bag is ideal for detailers who need to transport or store a large amount of detailing products.

The design consists of two separate bags which can be used independently. When zipped together the two bags have a combined size of 48 litres.

The bottom bag is specifically designed to perfectly fit our Knee Saver Kneeling Pad, whilst also doubling as a supportive and protective base for your products.

The huge 48-litre capacity is big enough to hold the following items:

Machine polisher
7x 500ml bottles
6x 1L bottles
9x Polishing pads
Polishing accessories (including backing plates)
Drying towel
Detailing brushes (4 exterior slots)
Kneeling pad (bottom bag)
Bag Features:

48L litre capacity
Shoulder strap included
47 x 41 x 25cm
6x 1L bottle slots
7x 500ml bottle slots
1x interior net pocket (on flap)
4x detailing brush holders (exterior)
4x large exterior pockets for accessories
Double exterior pocket (end of the bag)
Large exterior pocket, ideal for larger items
Second zip-off bag with 3 individual sections, ideal for microfibres or polishing pads
Padded hard bottom to protect your precious equipment from drops & uneven surfaces
Rubber locating feet

Product No: DFJP-2452

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