Inflatable Tow Float Manufacturer

Factory Custom Swim Buoy Bag Inflatable Tow Float Open Water Swimming Buoy

  • Size
  • 23×45 cm
  • Material
  • PVC Tarpaulin
  • MOQ
  • 1000PCS

Product details:

The Open Water Swimming Buoy for open water swimmers will allow you to safely enjoy your swimming sessions in the sea, lakes and / or swamps.

In addition to providing optimal visibility so that you can be seen from nearby boats, it allows your family or friends to visualize your position from the shore.

The Inflatable Tow Float will allow you to rest and use it as a float if necessary. In its 100% watertight interior compartment you can keep your personal items completely dry while you swim.

The Swim Buoy Bag has two independent air chambers so that the buoy does not completely deflate in the event of a puncture or air loss.

Product No.: DFMG-124

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