Factory Manufacturer Travel Protective Hard Shell Harmonica Carrying Case

  • Size
  • 15.75 x 9.88 x 5.67 inches
  • Material
  • EVA, polyester, nylon or customized
  • MOQ
  • 1000PCS

The harmonica case is a very robust suitcase for harmonica, that offers enough space for specialized players needing to carry backup harps, extra keys, special tunings or custom instruments for an extended tour. When used only for diatonic harmonicas, up to 48 harmonicas fit in the case. A wide variety of harp/equipment combinations is possible thanks to the foam inlay, which can be partially removed with a removable tool bag and a second bag for a chromatic harmonica.

Since the harmonicas are standing in the case, the entire content of the case can be seen at a glance during live performances. As with the case hand and shoulder straps ensure optimal carrying comfort.

Harmonica carry case for transport and for working on stage
Extra Large Size
flexible configuration
Rubber tabs protect each harmonica
Easy to find each key with harmonicas stored vertically on end
Harmonicas can breathe and dry out when stored
Suitable for chromatic or diatonic harmonicas
The detachable tool bag is affixed with velcro, permitting the player to take instruments in carry-on baggage when
travelling by air, while the tools can be packed in the checked baggage.
Another bag, which can be either used for a chromatic harmonica, or to store the shoulder strap when not in use, is
also attached with Velcro strips.
Hand & shoulder strap included
Closes with a zipper

Product No.: DFJP-2507

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