OEM Medical Medcine Bag Diabetic Supplies Bag Organizer

Factory OEM Medical Medcine Bag Diabetic Supplies Bag Organizer Diabetes Travel Bag

  • Size
  • 7.5X9.8X3.9 inches
  • Material
  • Nylon
  • MOQ
  • 1000PCS

Product details:

This Diabetes Travel Bag is made of high-performance ballistic nylon, more resistant to friction, tearing, and water repellent.

The Diabetes Travel Bag can be carried on the shoulder or hand, and this Medical Medcine Bag comes with 3 detachable nylon pouches inside. Easily accommodate diabetes supplies for the trip.

Eye-catching medical tag reminds the owner to put in the necessary medical items when planning a trip, and will not leave it at home when they leave. During the journey, always remind others that this is an important bag containing medical supplies. The medical card can be taken out at any time and become an ordinary bag.

A list of important medical information and items that can be edited, making it easier to describe during TSA inspections. If accidental loss occurs, it will increase the possibility of recovery.

Product No.: DFMG-105

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