OEM Inflatable Floating Swim Buoy

OEM Brand Inflatable Floating Swim Buoy Waterproof Dry Bag Open Water Buoy

  • Size
  • 52×25 cm
  • Material
  • Tarpaulin
  • MOQ
  • 1000PCS

Product details:

Get greater visibility with the Floating Swim Buoy for Open Water. The Open Water Buoy will allow you to rest and use it as a float if necessary.

In addition to its exceptional buoyancy to be able to hold on to it in case you need it, the exclusive compartment for your mobile phone will allow you to take photos, follow routes and train or even make emergency calls. You can also safely store your personal items inside without fear of getting wet.

The two air chambers with independent valves guarantee the buoyancy of the Open Water Buoy in case one of the chambers is punctured.

A special Waterproof Dry Bag for the mobile phone is included to ensure that no type of moisture enters that could damage the phone.

Product No.: DFMG-120

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