Car Care Bag

OEM Manufacturer Premium Detailing Holdall Car Care Bag

  • Size
  • 47 x 25 x 31 cm
  • Material
  • Nylon, polyester
  • MOQ
  • 1000PCS

Car Care Bag Product Description

The Detailing Holdall is the bag you need for your Detailing haul! It literally carries everything! The amount of products you can get in our bag is incredible! It’s perfect for Detailers who carry a lot of products, like machines, bottles and accessories, from one job to another! You can even use our bag as a spacious travel bag, look smart wherever you go with our new Detailing Holdall!

The Detailing Holdall comes with some great features. It comes with heavy duty side carry handles and an adjustable fabric shoulder strap with padding in seatbelt look. A huge velcro front pocket to store all your pads and applicators. This is basically the whole length of the bag! A back zip pocket to store your towels etc, this spans the complete length of the back. A side zip pocket to store your clay bars, leather brushes etc and a smaller zip pocket to store your wax sample pots and various other items. The other side of the bag comes with a set of elasticated small straps. If that’s not enough, open the bag and you have a zip mesh pocket, this would be ideal to store your used drying towels or damp towels!

Inside the bag there is a selection of padded bottle holders with elasticated support straps for various sized bottles from 100ml. It doesn’t stop there, there is lots of space in the Detailing Holdall for all your bottles, machines, pads, towels, applicators, clothes etc! You will be amazed how much you can get in the Detailing Holdall!

Product No: DFJP-2093

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